ReversiQuest2 Privacy Policy

Article 1 (General Provisions)

1. "Reversi Quest 2" The Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is the "Reversi Quest 2" provided by Yokogosystems (hereinafter referred to as "us"), the "Book Game" The conditions of use of this service are specified. The user agrees to this agreement and uses this game.
2. The provision of Help, Guide page, etc. related to this game other than these Terms shall constitute part of the present Terms and Conditions, and the User shall accept this and use this game.
3. We shall be able to revise this agreement without prior or subsequent notice to the user, and after amendment of this agreement, this revised rule shall be applied at the time of notation on this game. In addition, if the game is used after the change, the user considers it to agree with the revised contract.

Article 2 (obligation of users)

1. The user shall promptly notify us if we have known information such as a malfunction (including software malfunction etc) or fraudulent means concerning this game.
2. The user shall bear all the expenses necessary for using this game, such as communication expenses for receiving this game.

Article 3 (User information)

We shall deal with the information of the user who acquires about this game according to "privacy policy".

Article 4 (Paid service)

1. By way of our regulation, the user pays a fee-based service (any service and contents provided for a fee from us in using this game by the user, hereinafter collectively referred to as "paid service") You can purchase.
2. In the case of a minor user, we must purchase paid service after obtaining the consent of the legal representative at the time of application for purchase.
3. Regardless of the reason, we will not refund, exchange or refund paid services purchased by the user, regardless of the reason.
Four. The expiration date of paid service shall be indefinite as long as this game continues.
Five. In the event of a dispute over billing between the user and the settlement company, it shall be resolved between the parties concerned and shall not cause any inconvenience to us.
6. Regarding the paid service provided to users in this game, regardless of the content of the notation such as "buy" or "purchase", the user can use the right to use only within the range defined within this game .

Article 5 (License)

Any intellectual property rights or copyrights related to this game shall be reserved to us and regardless of the content of the notation such as "buy" or "purchase" in this game, the right to use it Only you are licensed. Article 11 (Prohibited items and suspension of use qualification etc.)
1. In using this game, the user shall not perform the acts prescribed in the following items.
[Impersonation acts etc]
(1) act of using this game as spoofing by other users or third parties
(2) act impersonating an operator or related persons of the game
(3) Other acts pursuant to the preceding items

[Illegal purpose use etc]
(1) Acts of registering or using this game for commercial purposes
(2) Act of selling rights, etc. As a user based on this game to third parties, act of reselling, acts of assigning, leasing, qualifying and providing collateral to third parties, or similar acts, Offer and solicitation
(3) acts of exchanging items acquired in this game in the real world using currency or the like, or acts of buying and selling in Internet auction etc.
(4) acts aimed at obtaining unfair profits using this game or similar acts
(5) Acts of posting information for the purpose of trading advertisements, products, services, etc. regardless of commercial or non-profit
(6) Acts of posting links, URLs, etc. to sites and pages other than those permitted by us
(7) Acts aimed at contact and communication other than this game, such as purpose of meeting, and acts corresponding thereto
(8) Political activities, religious activities or similar behaviors
(9) Other acts pursuant to the preceding items

[Illegal acts etc. on access system, etc]
(1) Acts of trying to access this game in an unauthorized manner, such as via a special program
(2) acts of intentionally using defects etc. of this game, and acts of spreading the contents of such malfunctions etc. to a third party by all means
(3) Actions such as alteration of programs, reverse engineering, analysis, creation, distribution, utilization of utilities, etc. relating to this game
(4) act of trying to infect harmful programs such as computer virus etc
(5) Acts of placing a load on our servers and other systems
(6) Other acts pursuant to the preceding items

[Infringement acts etc.]
(1) An act of collecting personal information of a third party or other confidential information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information, etc.") or an act intended for it
(2) Acts of displaying personal information of third parties, regardless of means or location
(3) Acts of using personal information of third parties, regardless of means or location
(4) Acts of displaying information including falsehood, inaccuracy or misunderstanding content regardless of means or place
(5) Acts that violate intellectual property rights or other legal rights of us or third parties, and portrait rights, privacy rights or publicity rights of third parties,
(6) Acts which constitute defamation of slander, insult, honor and credit of me or third parties
(7) Harassment and harassment against third parties
(8) Other acts pursuant to the preceding items

[Anti-social acts etc]
(1) Acts in violation of laws and regulations
(2) Acts contrary to public order and morals
(3) Acts of foretelling or promoting criminal acts or crimes
(4) Acts of displaying expressions such as images, words, etc. that the general user feels uncomfortable
(5) Acts of displaying expressions recognized as discrimination based on race, sex, place of origin, age, etc.
(6) Acts of displaying expressions that make you feel obscenity or obscene, regardless of reasons such as artistry
(7) Acts of displaying a representation on sexual activity or a similar expression
(8) Acts of displaying child-pornographic or child-prostitution aims, associations, evoked expressions
(9) Acts of displaying expressions that are considered to have negative effects on minors
(10) Acts of registering words judged by us as contrary to public order and morals or inferiority in this game
(11) Other acts pursuant to the preceding items

【Other nuisances etc】
(1) acts hindering the operation of this game and nuisances to other users who use this game
(2) Acts of publishing and posting inquiries to us, and contents of answers etc.
(3) Acts of posting information that can identify individuals such as e-mail address, telephone number, etc. or information that can be analogized as a communication means regardless of the person himself or a third party
(4) Other acts that we judge as inappropriate
2. If the user violates these Terms and gives damages to us or a third party, the user shall be obligated to compensate for the damage (damage includes attorneys' fees).
3. We shall suspend or partially delete or change this game without notice or demand in advance if the user falls under any of the following reasons or it is judged there is a fear thereof I can.
(1) In the case of violating this agreement, such as in the case of prohibiting conduct prescribed in paragraph 1
(2) Usage Registration Other When there is a false declaration concerning this application
(3) When it turns out that the user qualified for use has been suspended from us in the past
(4) In addition, when we judge that it is inappropriate to provide this game to users
Four. In connection with the disposition in the preceding paragraph, we will not bear any responsibility for damages to the user concerned. Moreover, there is no obligation to respond to the reception of explanation, complaint etc concerning the disposition.

Article 6 (Health care)

1. We recommend you use this game while taking moderate breaks at the discretion of the user so as not to disturb the living environment due to excessive use.
2. We are not responsible for any social, physical or mental problems caused by the use of this game by users.

Article 7 (Disclaimer concerning this game)

1. We do not assume any responsibility for such damage even if the user or third party suffered damage due to user's user information being used by a third party.
2. We do not guarantee anything about the contents of this game, information to provide to users, accuracy of the contents of information recorded by users, usefulness.
3. We do not make any guarantee that the display in this game is perfect and accurate.
Four. In connection with the use of this game, if a dispute arises with another user or a third party, the user shall resolve it with his own responsibility and expense, and we assume any responsibility not.
Five. We do not guarantee the existence of errors on the game, existence of bugs etc., no invasion of computer viruses, and other safe provision of this game.
6. We are not responsible for any damages or disadvantages of users arising due to the convenience of electronic communication carriers, electric utilities, etc.
7. By using this game, we will not compensate or compensate for them in any way in the event of any trouble or damage to the user's environment, equipment etc etc.
8. The use of this game is highly dependent on the user's communication environment and the equipment used, so it is not available under any circumstances. Therefore we do not guarantee that this game is available under any circumstances.
9. Regarding the use of this game, we do not assume any responsibility except when there is serious negligence on us only if damage or disadvantage occurs to the user.
Ten. We will do our best to store and manage service data, but we will not be responsible for it even if some or all of it disappears for any reason.
11. The user shall use this game after satisfying the terms of use set forth in these terms and conditions and we will not take any responsibility for any result due to using this game without meeting the terms of use . Even if the use conditions are satisfied, there is no guarantee of operation at all.
12. The user shall use this game based on his / her own responsibility, we will not be involved in the activities of the user, and even if a dispute arises between users or between a user and a third party, a dispute We will resolve between the parties of us, we will not assume any responsibility.
13. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to the user due to this game.
14. In the event that a contract (including this Agreement) established between us and the user concerning this game falls under the consumer contract prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Contract Act, The provisions of paragraphs 1 to 15 of this Article shall not apply.
15. Even in the case prescribed in the preceding paragraph, we shall not be liable for damages arising out of special circumstances (including damages arising from special circumstances) (including loss caused by negligence of ours (excluding gross negligence), due to default, illegal acts, We do not assume any responsibility for the case where we or the user can foresee or predict the occurrence of damage).

Article 8 (Intellectual Property Rights etc.)

1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all the contents used in this game are attributable to the owner who has authorized us or us and the user can not copy, , Reproduction, public transmission (including transmission enablement), transmission, distribution, publication, sales and any other use.

Article 9 (Governing Law)

These terms conform to the Japanese law.

Article 10 (Competent jurisdiction)

With regard to disputes between us and users arising from this game, we shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance with the Tokyo district court.

Established September 20, Heisei 30